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Welcome to LoseAbdominalFat.com! LoseAbdominalFat.com is your go-to resource for navigating the ins and outs of the abdominal fat reduction industry. While the industry steamrolls forward to develop and release a dizzying number of products and programs that are designed to help you lose abdominal fat, we are here to help you find what's best for you. Be sure to spend some time utilizing all of the resources here on the website we have to offer.

One of the most helpful aspects of LoseAbdominalFat.com is our vast array of product reviews. These reviews cover an incredible number of products and programs that are designed specifically for consumers who are trying to lose abdominal fat. In fact, here is an overview of some of the options we'll cover in our reviews.

Exercise equipment - Although there are countless different kinds of exercise devices on the market, it isn’t unreasonable to suggest that a considerable portion of them are specifically focused on addressing the needs of individuals who want to lose abdominal fat. These apparatuses include abdominal crunch devices that roll, rock, and glide along the floor, as well as some that swing, tilt, and slide in the air. Some of these are small devices that can be easily transported while others will take up half of your guest room. However, the thing that remains constant across the board with such apparatuses is that in order to lose abdominal fat with them you must first learning how to exercise correctly and then you must actually do so on a regular basis. Of course, other concerns include the quality of construction, real-world efficacy and satisfaction guarantee policies associated with these pieces of exercise equipment.

Exercises - Individuals who wish to lose abdominal fat without making considerable investments into workout apparatuses might decide to learn some basic, equipment-free exercises. There are a few different exercises that fall into this category and there are also a few different ways to go about learning how to perform such workouts. The gamut of abdominal exercises ranges from the basic crunch and the sit-up to the alternating supine leg walk and the plank. You can also learn how to do these exercises by buying videos, books, and other resources, or you can look for free online tutorials. Our site offers a guide to many exercises. Of course, this last option is the most cost-effective, and requires that you be motivated and able to get the hang of such workouts. Finding the time in your daily routine to perform them regularly will also be essential to your ability to truly lose abdominal fat.

Foods - While we could spend all of our time talking about exercise as the primary means to lose abdominal fat, the reality is that nutrition must also be a factor in one’s efforts. However, beyond the more general habit changes that individuals might want to make in terms of promoting health and weight loss in general, some people feel that there are specific foods that directly impact one’s abdominal fat reduction efforts. For example, some experts suggest that lean sources of protein, such as defatted meats, skim milk, and legumes are especially helpful in this regard. Others maintain that whole grains or even certain fruits, such as grapefruit, can promote fat reduction. Still others suggest that specific combinations of foods can offer these kinds of benefits. Our site has a complete recipe section that is well worth your time.

Ab Belts - One sector of this industry that continues to receive seemingly increasing amounts of attention is the ab belt market. Most abdominal belts are designed to help individuals by promoting muscle tone and strength in the abdominal area. However, the question for the consumer then becomes finding which method he or she wishes to utilize, since there are different kinds of ab belts. Although some of these devices merely seek to insulate the abdomen so as to promote increased perspiration and calorie burning in the region, others actually try to vibrate fat away. However, one of the most interesting and effective kinds of abdominal toning belts is the kind that uses tiny, intermittent electric pulses to repeatedly contract and relax the muscles. There are only a few that use this method, which is known as Electric Muscle Stimulation or EMS, and we always suggest that consumers look for EMS belts that have the support of clinical studies, clearance from the FDA, and a strong warranty and satisfaction guarantee policy.

*** Although our numerous product reviews represent one of the highlights of LoseAbdominalFat.com, this website also provides additional resources including our new online store of our favorite lose abdominal fat products. Please don’t hesitate to stay awhile and visit to find as much useful information as you possibly can. In the end, your success in your efforts to lose abdominal fat depends on your ability to gain clear insights and your willingness to put that into practice!

TheFlexBelt® - Most of us want to find the best, most efficient way to get defined, sexy abs and lose abdominal fat. We have searched and found something that works for toning. Look no further, the Flex Belt is an ab belt that has been proven to get results from all types of people: professional athletes, celebrities and even the average person. We know there are a LOT of different types of abdominal toners and ab workout programs to choose from – we have researched them all thoroughly. And, we have to say that when it comes to ab belts, the Flex Belt is the top of the line. Unlike other ab belts that use vibration, the Flex Belt employs Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to literally contract the muscles. You can put it on and then simply go about your day, doing whatever house chores or errands need to be done, or get outdoors and go for a walk to get in a cardio workout at the same time. Or you can even wear it while working on the computer – whatever works for you. The Flex Belt tones and tightens the upper, middle and lower abdominal muscles as well as the obliques – all in one shot. This method saves both time and energy. Another key element we should mention about the Flex Belt is that it has undergone multiple clinical trials that have shown tremendous results – resulting in this belt gaining FDA clearance for toning, strengthening and firming the abdominal muscles – the first belt of its kind to gain such recognition. It is not often we come across a product we are so enthusiastic about, so when we do we want to make sure our readers know all about it.


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